Feline Anal Sac Disease - Feline anal leakage

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Cats may also spontaneously express. Does Your Cat Have Anal Gland Problems?​ The anal glands are one of the anatomical areas where cats have it all over dogs.​ It’s unusual for a cat’s anal glands to become impacted, inflamed or infected, although some cats have overactive anal glands.

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By Malall - 22:25
Your cat has two anal sacs in his bottom. as it may result in complications like fecal incontinence where your cat leaks poop unexpectedly.
By Fauzil - 23:03
Anal sac disease is a common and very smelly problem.​ Anal sac disease can occur when a cat’s anal glands fail to expel fluid properly.​ Aside from the very foul odor, cats with impacted or infected anal glands may scoot their butts on the ground or lick excessively at fur on their.
By Kagajora - 08:56
Feline Anal Glands are often an unknown anatomical part of the cat's body to their and it is truly fecal material, the concern would be why her stool is leaking.

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